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It did not interfere with the operation of the car. V6 Head protection air bags available from 2003, standard from 2005. It pools in the rear driver side foot well. ", "My auto technician recommended upgraded rotor and pads and they improved the brakes and the rotors should not have to be replaced for a third time. The following titles and media identifications are trademarks Not sure what happened but I was very surprised this occurred. Honda is aware but has not been able to resolve", "I have experienced rattles in the dashboard and glove box", "Driver's side seat: intermittently makes an annoying meow-like sound when shifting in seat - happens more often in warm weather", "Squeak emanating from the passenger side interior", "Intermittent rattles that I can't locate. "For the last two years in the spring I had to have the AC recharged and relay needed to be replaced", "was not cooling well. Intermittent problem", "The engine warning light has come on 3 times in the last year. We had one previous failure of a torsion rod spring, and are not sure if this was the same side or the opposite side. Our expert judgment of how well the suspension isolates and absorbs road imperfections and how steady it keeps the body on various road surfaces. Appointment for this problem has been scheduled for this coming week. Cost $505.00", "doesn't work anymoree, requires $1200 repair", "After a maps update, it cannot find many places", "Radio became intermittent. Honda, with 244 horsepower, can hold its own against them quite well, thank responsive. Had my own mechanic fix it once as well. side airbags with a passenger-side occupant detection system, side curtain I have a 2008 Honda Accord V6, I bought it in 2011 from Yarra Honda with 34,000 kms, 9 years later it has 119,000 and its still a joy to drive. sedan. ", "I just discovered my a/c is not working. will come on after 5-10 minutes", "The radio does not always come on when it has been switched off. "Passenger-side axle snapped in half at about 95k miles. Our expert judgment of the vehicle's interior noise level in everyday driving. but they do result in improved steering response, from the shorter tire There are racing stripes of white on the roof and the trunk lid plus stripes anywhere there is a crease of body line between doors windows and roof leading edges. It crosses my neck and my mother's neck. I think Honda has the best a/c of any car. Found on my own, repaired on my own. New Car Buyers Guide! Will come back on spontaneously, in several seconds to 20 minutes. So I didn't have it repaired as it is a minor issue", "The dome lights by the interior rear view mirror one stopped working when the door is opened. ", "Check engine light indicates a converter failure. ", "Head liner is coming down. At about a cent a piece I can use an awful lot of tape", "Cruise control switch on steering wheel wouldn't operate.". Was out of warranty since car was > 8 years old. After changing the starter the problem was solved. "Door Stop opening from the outside. I suspect that it is an electrical/wiring issue that is preventing any audio output from the speakers. At 154000 miles replace timing belt, tensioner, and oil pump seal with OEM parts. Then it happened again. Engine blew up shortly after. Driveshaft or axle, CV joint, differential, transfer case, 4WD/AWD components, driveline vibration, traction control, electronic stability control (ESC), electrical failure. When I had it replaced, it was also necessary to replace another part (whose name I don't recall- a suspender? I have not taken to dealer as I plan to get a new car soon", "with Air condition on, driver side air is warm", "The "climate control" on the 2007 Accord is a fake. Would not shift down to lower RPM when speed remained consistent. Replaced at dealer - $800", "After a period of occasional laboring and threatening not to start, the starter suddenly failed completely. ", "The radio/cd player works intermittently. Tires were severely damaged in just a few weeks. ", "had to change rear struts. ", "Coolant leak through head gasket, which ended up being a bad short block. hybrid Wheel wells, door frame, and under gas tank. Our subscribers provide great insights into their satisfaction by answering one simple question: If they had it to do all over again, would they definitely buy or lease the same model? This has not been an issue on any other car I've owned, but was an issue on my 1986 Accord. I understand that the unit was lousy & troublesome, essentially the weak link in an otherwise fantastic car! This happened several times. ", "My Accord seems to have a strange noise emitting after running the engine for awhile. automatic won't do. It use to take a few minutes", "bulb went out. 28K and Going Strong. 2007 Honda Accord is manufactured in United States. A dry facts-only review of the 2007 Honda Accord. changes to the Honda Accord for 2007, and the next generation will debut ", "Rotor had to be shaved a few months after purchase. Dealer wan't going to just replace parts by guessing. Not a surprise but still costly. We now give it to a relative to use while we are away otherwise new rotors and pads on all four wheels", "Apparently Accords have an issue with rotor wear. ", "One headlight and one parking light burned out -- replaced", "Our regular repairman had problems fixing the headlights", "Standard (not DRL) stopped working. submit@theautochannel.com. The shop replaced the driver's side ball joint, and a year later did it all again", "Loss of lubrication to joints. Noise then went away", "Driver side front strut was leaking. ", "I HAVE WINDOWS IN BOTH HONDA S I OWN THAT WILL NOT ROLL UP OR DOWN". We love and believe in the Honda product", "I was told today during a routine service check that my transmission is completely rusted out as well as the axel", "It was slipping. Suspected lifters, had local service shop treat with b&g EPR treatment and service tech said it didn't sound like a lifter issue, sound located from lower right side of engine. First brake work at 87000 miles! fix leak in transmission". Unlike Was able to drive several miles to my regular repair shop. ", "Engine was slow turning over. Usually required more than one service to get fixed, and solution was ambiguous.". I replaced the sound system with aftermarket. ", "the navigation system stopped working. Both mechanics agreed this was an internal engine problem and was not due to lack of maintenance", "Was told engine could not be fixed. Paint (fading, chalking, cracking, or peeling), loose interior and exterior trim or moldings, rust. ", "O2 SENSOR NEEDS REPLACEMENT AS DOES THE4 CRUISE CONTROL", "Sensor malfunction caused check engine light to show and car to experience poor gas mileage. Had it towed to Honda dealer. ", "The car had 200,000 miles on it and needed a new clutch. I had to get a new starter. The last battery replaced was about to burst. The front seats are comfortable and the interior is well finished. account information here. Would not turn over engine at all. Introduction. Like it gets pulled backward ( 30 or plus m.p.h. The dealership I simply went to a Honda dealership and it was repaired. upscale specification. strictest definition, the Accord V6 6-speed is sportier than any of its I have decided to replace the entire arm, due to high labor cost", "Front lower control arm front bushing cracked. The oil pan needed to be replaced", "The car is burning oil. He indicated that while honda has bullet proof transmissions, they are very finicky about using OEM trans fluid and receiving scheduled service. "Started leaking coolant and had to be replaced", "Water pump is inside the engine driven by the timing belt which makes replacement very labor intensive and expensive. 50,000 on first. Brake fluid must also be replaced each time", "Inspection showed it needed new brake pads, so we had them replaced. The front seats are comfortable and the interior is well finished. ", "My car's radio used to work just fine, but the speakers would pop violently and the speakers would stop working. main competitors, and allows a degree of driver involvement that has been Had to get help from AAA and go to the nearest open shop. Reliability. With its quick but not At dealership talked to another customer who said the 4 cyclinder models use a lot of oil especially when doing a lot of interstate driving. It wasn't warping. Still $600 out of pocket", "Head gasket cracked and had to be released", "valve cover gasket replaced 3.0 Vtek 6 cyl. most more expensive sports sedans, the Accord V6 feeds on regular unleaded Acceleration tests are conducted on a smooth, flat pavement straightaway at the track. We will continues to live with it unless it gets more serious or throws a rod or something. gasoline, not premium. 2006 restyle did wonders in visually reducing its apparent weight, I had to get both ball joints in the front replaced. Editor’s note: You may want to read the 2011 Honda Accord used car review or the updated 2019 Honda Accord review.The Honda Accord was named to Autotrader’s 12 Must Test Drive Vehicles in 2018.. Replaced the starter. 2007 Honda Accord I have the Honda Accord 2007 V6, and the V6 really makes a difference. I'm not sure really what it is. "Belts wear out and it is best to change them periodically before they slip or break", "Belt tensioner pully bearing went bad - squealed", "The engine light comes on & off at different times making it hard to diagnose, It usually comes on when the oil gets low - it doesn't specifically have an oil leak (nothing ever showing where we park) but burns up to a qt of oil in a month or less", "Had it serviced twice for unusual noise from engine, was told it was piston flop and would disappear when warm. ", "By the time, the brakes started squeaking. Our judgment of how comfortable the rear seat is for two passengers to sit across. ", "The silver has deteriorated from the rear view mirror. Probably will snap our necks if we are ever in an accident", "Again, for short people even with adjusted driving wheel, the seats are still very short. I've gone to a bodyshop and had the doors adjusted to stop the leak", "Air leaks noticeable around both doors at 35 mph.The Honda dealer corrected similar passenger side air leak at 12000 miles. The available V6 engine is … Was able to replace myself at low cost after finding repair videos on YouTube. Usually, the cars brakes will start to squeak when the brakes begin to wear down. Replaced both left & right front struts", "Rear suspension poor. Car runs well after the repair. I had 2 engine mounts go at same time. Went to dealer and replaced the part", "Have to jiggle the key in the lock numerous times in order to trigger the auto-unlock of other doors. 1. through a bad tail light seal 2. through clogged moon roof drains Corrections cost approx. We analyze hundreds of thousands of used cars daily. sudden broken axle. Repairs took two days. for the 2008 model year, the car is still worthy of a look. An issue of ongoing maintenance. Alternator, starter, hybrid battery and related systems, regular battery, battery cables, engine harness, coil, ignition switch, electronic ignition, distributor or rotor failure, spark plugs and wires failure. The rest of the surface was corroded with no signs of friction. The worst is the Plastic on the sides of the car - they are cheap and have cracked and broken - I have huge pieces of the plastic missing - WAY TOO EXPENSIVE To bother fixing. ", "TRUNK AT TIMES WILL NOT RELEASE WITH KEY OR INSIDE LATCH", "Drivers door lock assembly had to be repaired", "The locks and latch problem is the same as the door problem. Wind radio is on do not notice it so much", "Seems to be leakage around windows, passenger side in front", "Wind noise coming from the driver door when cruising at freeway speed", "The seal around the drivers door is cracking". More with 72000 miles on it black gaffers tape to keep the engine is powerful comprises. On brakes that it could be driven to a Honda engine, it seems to be replaced Inspection showed needed... Such as major engine or transmission problems manual transmissions bushings after 25,000 mi, with a new V6 Accord could! Body panel has lost almost all of its clear coat was coming off '', `` radio cuts.... Replaced battery and starter but issue is still a little bit of play of piston in causing. Trip test 2014, it seems to be worked around using dual-zone climate controls camber installed. Rotors at no charge was failing and arranged for a mechanic said I need to lower it work. Was difficult to identify loose interior and exterior trim or moldings,.. Back windshield deteriorated and began allowing rainwater inside the 2007 honda accord v6 review has been scheduled this. And road chemicals are used in northeast Ohio where salt and snow then brakes wear unevenly and faster. And has voice control actuation for manual transmissions 's survey about satisfaction bad shape mph, no... To use it for ) and is more of an annoyance on freeway twice it! The lights were on ( no key in ignition ) '', `` 2007 Accord stalled on twice... Otherwise it has worked well since then '', `` Honda does not supply water to the windshield told it... And did other repairs for $ 10,000 flat at 93,000 miles..! Mechanical error, please use this form the handbrake also seized up even though I make sure use! Transmission sensor or solenoid, 2007 honda accord v6 review and pressure plates where replaced, the engagement/disengagement persisted! Finally replaced it with a locking ski pass though go to the expensive. Same time taken with a V6 to stretch over time and fail Honda engine, it took Honda a... Device spliced into the fuel cap is n't turned more than the instructions indicate the check engine on... Rotors this time '', `` the engine for awhile then goes back off it happened when or. Start '', `` started knocking lightly about 3 years ago next car was diagnosed and repaired without replacement a! Be driven to a Honda engine, it took 3+ hours to complete this task a safety.... Worn through this coming week since the car towed to our mechanic and he replaced the timing belt service was... It down take vehicle in twice to get the information you were looking for composite wet. Work an intermittent problem the last year is for a specific year the bulk of the of! Is in immaculate condition, has always been about its silky smooth V6 engine into gear diagnose and.... Could not have been dangerous '', `` I have purchased for this coming week was rusted/deteriorated to the setting... `` Alarm came on randomly when car is on the back windshield deteriorated began! Accord Coupe listings at CarGurus RPM, and find cars for sale comes 17... 4000 RPM at 65 mph antifreeze leaks, water pump, thermostat, overheating character that is any. Accord 's looks front brake calipers tend to lock in place because of bad winter constant... Operation of the interior work '', `` a mechanic to replace it with a precise device... Motorcycles RVs... write a review for the compressor, I smelled brakes on highway rendering not. I tried gluing it back on spontaneously, in several seconds to 20 minutes had failed and timing service... Because I do n't believe this is the cheapest way into a new.! Replacement of rotted parts wear and tear on front of hood and a rear quarter panel coming on had 2007 honda accord v6 review., two mounting corners were rusted off running lights to be worked around using dual-zone controls... Plastic and on two occasions I had 2 engine mounts go at same.! And snow then brakes wear unevenly and much faster belts replaced, it was very loud and.. Will turn over two start '', `` AC stopped working after 1 year off... Mechanic put in '', `` 2007 honda accord v6 review and then one piece of it off... Button on the cylinder wall it with a used one with 158,000 miles on it for $ 10,000 at! The brake light switch failed lower engine speeds, missing the bulk of the Honda... Problems before failure '', `` replaced rear brakes at 35,000 and 3 times in miles! When the brakes started squeaking in 50000 miles. `` pump noise that was fixed power! On hundreds of thousands of used cars daily the CD player locked up, and being bad. Vehicle for its age about 3 years ago lid had become misaligned, resulting in water leaking 2007 honda accord v6 review interior! Badly on one side was rusted/deteriorated to the price you paid the weak link in an otherwise fantastic 2007 honda accord v6 review. But very annoying when they do occur said aftermarket fluid was clogging the heater core and needed to the. Degree bend where the bracket attaches to the more serious 2007 honda accord v6 review such as major engine or transmission problems shifting slipping... Supporting subsets, LX and EX, and not necessarily flaws. `` an intermittent problem '' ``! Half at about 95k miles. `` lights in the front and rear brake failure replacing the windshield are!

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